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Molyslip E

Molyslip E – Engine Oil Supplement

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Molyslip E Oil Supplement (E) is a unique suspension of 0.5 micron particles (that’s about the same size as a cold germ) of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) that:

  • Plates onto internal engine surfaces
  • Produces a friction-reducing barrier that does not drain off
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact
  • Blends with all leading motor oils, including synthetics
  • Will NOT clog oil filters or oil passageways
  • Ideal for both diesel and gasoline engines

Molyslip E SAVES money!
Reduces Fuel Consumption – In a recent independent test carried out by the City of Brampton on two Chevrolet S-10 pickup trucks fuel savings were shown to be 8.7%.

After deducting the cost of Molyslip E, net fuel savings for a small pickup trucks could total more than $1,000/pickup per year.*

A fleet of 9 vehicles could have a net savings of over $10,000 per year.*

Reduces Maintenance – Molyslip E’s plating action leaves engine components well lubricated at all times, even after a long period of inactivity. This prevents metal-to-metal contact and
reduces wear especially during cold starts when the oil has drained into the oil pan. The friction reducing properties of Molyslip E also reduce engine wear, a major cause of component failure.

Product No.
300 mL (10 U.S. fl. oz.) can
1 L (1 U.S. qt.) bottle
4 L (1 U.S. gal.) can
23 L (6 U.S. gal.) pail
205 L (54 U.S. gal.) drum
Case Size
Case of 12
Case of 12
Case of 4

* See City of Brampton case study for specifics regarding the test results and computations of figures